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 Vampire Skates

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PostSubject: Vampire Skates   Vampire Skates I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 25, 2016 9:56 pm

This is the town of Beacon Hills. Population 9,812. It has the makings of the city, but has yet to establish the properties of government. The town isn't generally known to others who do not live nearby. That is not until four years ago. A thirteen year old girl made it into the Junior division for figure skating. She won the regional competition. While nothing changed in the town then - the following year she won for the second time. Soon, she was winning the international and world championship competitions. Beacon Hills was now on the map. Her practices had taken place in a nearby City where there was an indoor ice rink. Now, however, the town has their own. They have become a tourist trap for those interested in the Olympics and figure skating. They have also come under notice due to their new hockey team.

The now seventeen year old, Anastasia Atwood, had recently competed in this year's World Championship. Unfortunately, during her signature six rotation axel jump, she landed on her right ankle awkwardly. As she tried to balance herself, her right ankle twisted sideways, causing her to tumble over. It was reported that she had torn a ligament. She was seen attempting to leave the ice on her own, but her ankle kept giving. She was carried off the ice and has not been seen since.


The sun was shining through her windows, causing Ana to stir. It was Thursday morning. She groaned and rolled over, trying to cover her face with the pillow. For the next several minutes, she tossed and turned. It was no use. She was up now.

Ana tossed around the bed as she dramatically got out of bed. Looking at her phone, she saw it was all ready 3pm. Glancing around her studio, she groaned again before finally heading to the bathroom. Tripping over some clothes - which she no longer knew if they were clean or not - she managed to make it to the bathroom. Towels and more clothes were tossed everywhere. Ana grabbed her toothbrush and picked up the tube of toothpaste, which was covered in excess paste. It was empty. Of course. She had made that realization three days ago. She threw the toothbrush into the trash.

"Wha-? Dammit." After fishing her toothbrush out of the trash, she had realized she had no alcohol to clean it. It went back in the trash. After also realizing she had run out of coffee, Ana pulled on some possibly clean pajamas, a scarf to cover her head, sunglasses, and a beanie hat. It was time to go shopping.

The young girl used her crutches and made her way downstairs, then into a waiting taxi. It was the only taxi service in the town. The man driving gave her a few strange glances before heading off to her destination.

At the coffee shop, Ana slowly made her way inside and into the line. It was fairly crowded for the afternoon, but it was also summer so the other kids were out of school. While standing in line, someone behind her bumped into her casted leg. Annoyed, Ana shot daggers at them before turning her attention back to the front of the line.

She ordered a large quad shot butter pecan latte. Then began searching for somewhere to sit.
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Vampire Skates
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